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Cloud-based FHIR IG Publisher
Oct 31, 2022

Cloud-based FHIR IG Publisher

A zero-setup way to generate FHIR Implementation Guides from source.

FHIR Implementation Guides are bundles of documentation that describe the structure and use of a collection of FHIR resources in a particular context. The are created from a set of input files that are transformed into a static website using a tool called the Implementation Guide Publisher (IG Publisher).

What is FHIR IG Publisher?

FHIR IG Publisher is an open-source tool that generates FHIR Implementation Guides from input files. It is developed by the FHIR team and maintained on GitHub.

Why the cloud-based IG Publisher?

To run FHIR IG Publisher on their machine, the user needs have the Java SDK, Ruby, Jekyll, Node.js, and SUSHI installed which is a lot of setup for a simple publishing task. The cloud-based FHIR IG Publisher provides a zero-setup way to generate FHIR Implementation Guides from source, with the actual publishing process executed remotely in the cloud.

How to use the cloud-based IG Publisher?

The cloud-based IG Publisher allows the user to select the local directory containing the input files which immediately starts the Implementation Guide build. The logs are streamed to the user's browser in real time and the generated Implementation Guide is downloaded when the build is complete.

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