Praat WASM

What's Praat's favorite movie? Pitch Perfect, of course!

Praat is a popular speech analysis tool used by phoneticians, linguists, and speech scientists. It is free and open source, and is written in C++.

As a first step towards creating an online, fully browser-based version of Praat, I compiled its source to WebAssembly (WASM) using Emscripten. I've chosen the CLI version of Praat as a starting point, which is capable of running Praat scripts. With this "headless" version of Praat, it is then possible to build a web interface (web GUI) on top of it.

You can try it out below by running praat with no arguments to see the usage instructions. To execute a Praat script, run praat --run script.praat.


WASM shell
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