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What is data liquidity?

What is data liquidity?

Defining the concept of data liquidity.

Published on by Anton Vasetenkov

There are many aspects of data that are important to keep in mind when building a data-driven organization. One of them is data liquidity.

When talking about creating value from data, we often think about data sharing and data monetization. However, before we can share or monetize the data, we need to be able to access and exchange it in a standardized, secure, and scalable way. This can be defined as data liquidity.

One of the most important aspects of data liquidity is the ability to access data in a standardized way. This means that the data should be made available in a format that is easy to understand and manipulate by both humans and machines and that it should be easy to integrate the data with other data sources.

Through the process of combining data from multiple sources, we can create new insights and value that would not be possible to create from a single data source. This is why data liquidity becomes increasingly important for organizations that seek to become more data-driven.

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