Hi, I'm Anton

I make cool things with code.

This website is a repository of projects that I've created, with the topics ranging from healthcare and life sciences to linguistics and typography. I use it to share my experiments, tools, and ideas and to have fun with the new and old tech. Have fun browsin'.

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What makes up OWL ontologies and how do they support logical inference?
OWL, ontologies
A glimpse into the meaning and other properties of words described with structured and linked data.
linked data, linguistics
Check the validity of GraphQL schemas.
ChemDraw JS makes it possible to create, view, and edit chemical structures in the browser.
chemistry, structural formulas
A primer on support vector machines (SVMs) and their applications.
machine learning
A WASM port of pdfTeX.
pdfTeX, WASM, LaTeX, TeX
Explore the HL7 Clinical Document Architecture schema.
CDA, XML, healthcare standards
Test CDS Hooks online.
An online pronunciation dictionary of the Belarusian language.
View the contents of SCP-ECG files.
A WASM port of the FreeType library.
FreeType, WASM, fonts
A pronunciation dictionary for the English language.
IPA, phonetics, dictionaries
Beautify XML documents.
XML, formatters
A web-based weather app.
weather, OpenWeather
View structural formulas of chemical compounds.
chemistry, structural formulas
A tool for typesetting morpheme marks.
morphemics, linguistics
An online pronunciation dictionary of the Russian language.
Ways to insert a YouTube player into a Markdown document.
An online tool for decoding audio files.
audio, Web APIs
How document understanding helps bring order to unstructured data.
data management
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