Hi, I'm Anton

I make cool things with code.

This website is a repository of projects that I've created, with the topics ranging from healthcare and life sciences to linguistics and typography. I use it to share my experiments, tools, and ideas and to have fun with the new and old tech. Have fun browsin'.

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A converter for FHIR resources between different formats.
An online font viewer.
An online syllabification dictionary of the Russian language.
Learn about the FASTA format and its applications.
FASTA, bioinformatics
The ins and outs of data URLs.
data URLs
What makes up OWL ontologies and how do they support logical inference?
OWL, ontologies
An overview of knowledge engineering and the core competencies and responsibilities of a knowledge engineer.
knowledge engineering
Edit and evaluate CQL online.
An online tool for tokenizing text.
tokenization, NLP, NLTK
A dictionary of Arabic roots.
An online analog clock.
My WASM port of pdf2svg.
An online editor for ABAP code.
ABAP, editors
Calculate the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
medical calculators
Edit text files in the browser.
text editors
Browse the SDTM model.
SDTM, healthcare standards
How to list all files recursively within a directory tree in Node.js?
Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript
Validate UCUM units.
UCUM, healthcare standards
Play Snake on your phone or computer.
games, SVG
Train sequence-to-sequence models online.
TensorFlow.js, machine learning
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