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The new Simple Text Editor
Aug 10, 2021

The new Simple Text Editor

Meet Simple Text Editor, a simple app for editing plaintext files.

Simple Text Editor is an online editor for plaintext files designed for ease of use and accessibility. It is freely available and does not require installation.

Features of Simple Text Editor

Local text file editing
Open, edit, and save files directly to your computer[1].
Cut, copy, and paste
Cut, copy, and paste text from other apps.
Find and replace
Find and replace the occurrences of strings.
Line sort
Sort lines alphabetically in the file.
Emoji toolbar
Enter emoji characters using the toggleable emoji toolbar.
View options
Change the appearance of your text by adjusting font size, font family, letter spacing, and line spacing.
Experimental features
Autocorrection, autocompletion, spell checking[2].


  1. The availability of the "Open", "Save", and "Save as" functionalities depends on the capabilities of the user's web browser. The ability to read and save changes directly to the files stored on the user's device is enabled via the new File System Access API, also known as Native File System API or Writeable Files API. As of August 2021, this API is only supported in desktop Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. In all other browsers, Simple Text Editor falls back to using the traditional file uploading and downloading capabilities of the browser to open and save files.
  2. The "Autocapitalize", "Spellcheck", and "Autocorrect" features are experimental and may have limited support.

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