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ECL Editor
Oct 31, 2022

ECL Editor

An online editor for the Expression Constraint Language.

ECL Editor is an online editor for SNOMED CT expression constraints. It also allows you to run ECL queries against SNOMED CT terminologies directly in the browser to view the concepts matching the expression constraint.

SNOMED CT expressions and expression constraints

A SNOMED CT expression is an expression composed of one or more SNOMED CT concepts using the Compositional Grammar Syntax that defines a single clinical idea. Examples of expressions include:

31978002 |Fracture of tibia (disorder)| : 272741003 |Laterality (attribute)| = 7771000 |Left (qualifier value)|


182201002 |Entire hip joint (body structure)| : 272741003 |Laterality (attribute)| = 24028007 |Right (qualifier value)|

Unlike expressions, expression constraints define sets of clinical ideas using the Expression Constraint Language that builds on the Compositional Grammar Syntax. Examples of expression constraints written in ECL include:

< 404684003 |clinical finding|: { 363698007 |finding site| = << 39057004 |pulmonary valve structure|, 116676008 |associated morphology| = << 415582006 |stenosis|}, { 363698007 |finding site| = << 53085002 |right ventricular structure|, 116676008 |associated morphology| = << 56246009 |hypertrophy|}


< 373873005 |pharmaceutical / biologic product|: 111115 |trade name| = "PANADOL"

What is ECL Editor?

ECL Editor is an online editor for the Expression Constraint Language. It allows you to write SNOMED CT expression constraints and query the SNOMED CT terminologies. By implementing ECL syntax highlighting, the editor makes it easy to write complex expression constraints and to understand the results of your queries to the terminologies.

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