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HL7v2 Editor
May 29, 2023

HL7v2 Editor

Author, inspect, and debug HL7v2 messages online.

The HL7v2 Editor is a tool that allows you to author, inspect, and debug HL7v2 messages online.

HL7v2 messages

HL7v2 messages are a standard way of exchanging health information between healthcare systems. They are used by hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, and other healthcare organizations.

The most common format for HL7v2 messages is a text file with segments separated by carriage returns. Each segment contains multiple fields, which are separated by pipes.

For example, the following message contains a PID segment with information about the patient:

PID|1|1234567890|1234567890|1234567890|Smith^John^A^III^^^|Smith^John^A^III^^^|19400101|M|||123 Main St^^Anytown^NY^12345-6789^USA^P|||123-456-7890|||||S|||1234567890|1234567890|1234567890|1234567890

HL7v2 Editor

HL7v2 Editor is an online tool for authoring, inspecting, and debugging HL7v2 messages. It supports parsing and rendering of HL7v2 messages in a human-readable format. The syntax highlighting feature makes it easy to spot errors in the message.

You can use the HL7v2 Editor to create HL7v2 messages, or to inspect/validate HL7v2 messages that you have received from another system.

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