Hyphenation Tool

About the tool

Breaking words at the end of lines (hyphenation) is a common occurrence during text formatting. It is particularly useful in narrow columns, such as in newspapers and magazines, and large documents with small margins.

Improper word breaking or hyphenation can lead to misunderstandings and confusion, while totally omitting hyphenation can lead to a visually uneven text body and disrupt the reader's flow.

I've created this tool to allow you to automatically, properly pre-hyphenate your text using a hyphenation algorithm.

To use the tool, paste your text in the input field below and select a separator. The tool will hyphenate the text and display the result in the output field. The hyphenated text will contain the separator characters in the places where line breaks can occur. You can then copy the hyphenated text and paste it in your document.


Input text
Hyphenated text (separator: Pipe (|))

Made by Anton Vasetenkov.

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