Microsoft Azure cloud services: The full list

Full list of Microsoft Azure services

Anomaly DetectorAI + Machine Learning
API AppsCompute, Containers, Web
API ManagementIntegration, Internet of Things, Mobile, Web
App ConfigurationDeveloper Tools
App ServiceCompute, Mobile, Web
Application GatewayNetworking, Security
Archive StorageStorage
AutomationManagement and Governance
Avere vFXT for AzureStorage
Azure Active DirectoryHybrid + Multicloud, Identity, Security
Azure Active Directory Domain ServicesIdentity, Security
Azure Active Directory External IdentitiesIdentity
Azure AdvisorManagement and Governance
Azure Analysis ServicesAnalytics
Azure API for FHIRDatabases, Integration
Azure Applied AI ServicesAI + Machine Learning
Azure ArcHybrid + Multicloud
Azure ArtifactsDevOps
Azure AutomanageManagement and Governance
Azure BackupManagement and Governance, Storage
Azure BastionNetworking
Azure Blob StorageStorage
Azure Blockchain ServiceBlockchain
Azure Blockchain WorkbenchBlockchain
Azure BlueprintsManagement and Governance
Azure BoardsDevOps
Azure Bot ServicesAI + Machine Learning
Azure Cache for RedisDatabases
Azure Cognitive SearchAI + Machine Learning, Mobile, Web
Azure Cognitive ServicesAI + Machine Learning, Mobile
Azure Communication ServicesMobile, Web
Azure Cosmos DBBlockchain, Databases, Internet of Things
Azure Cost Management and BillingManagement and Governance, Migration
Azure CycleCloudCompute
Azure Data BoxMigration, Storage
Azure Data ExplorerAnalytics
Azure Data FactoryAnalytics
Azure Data Lake StorageAnalytics, Storage
Azure Data ShareAnalytics, Storage
Azure Database for MariaDBDatabases
Azure Database for MySQLDatabases
Azure Database for PostgreSQLDatabases, Hybrid + Multicloud
Azure Database Migration ServiceDatabases, Migration
Azure DatabricksAI + Machine Learning, Analytics
Azure DDoS ProtectionNetworking, Security
Azure Dedicated HostCompute
Azure Dedicated HSMSecurity
Azure DefenderSecurity
Azure Defender for IoTInternet of Things, Security
Azure DevOpsDeveloper Tools, DevOps, Hybrid + Multicloud
Azure DevTest LabsDeveloper Tools, DevOps
Azure Digital TwinsInternet of Things, Mixed Reality
Azure Disk StorageStorage
Azure DNSNetworking
Azure ExpressRouteHybrid + Multicloud, Networking
Azure FilesStorage
Azure FirewallNetworking
Azure Firewall ManagerNetworking
Azure Form RecognizerAI + Machine Learning
Azure Front DoorNetworking, Security
Azure FunctionsCompute, Containers, Internet of Things
Azure FXT Edge FilerStorage
Azure HPC CacheStorage
Azure Immersive ReaderAI + Machine Learning
Azure Information ProtectionIdentity, Security
Azure Internet AnalyzerNetworking
Azure IoT CentralInternet of Things
Azure IoT EdgeHybrid + Multicloud, Internet of Things
Azure IoT HubInternet of Things
Azure IoT solution acceleratorsInternet of Things
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)Compute, Containers
Azure Lab ServicesDeveloper Tools
Azure LighthouseManagement and Governance
Azure Logic AppsBlockchain, Integration, Internet of Things
Azure Machine LearningAI + Machine Learning, Internet of Things
Azure Managed ApplicationsManagement and Governance
Azure Managed Instance for Apache CassandraDatabases
Azure MapsInternet of Things, Mobile, Web
Azure Media PlayerMedia
Azure Metrics AdvisorAI + Machine Learning
Azure MigrateManagement and Governance, Migration
Azure mobile appManagement and Governance
Azure Modular DatacenterHybrid + Multicloud
Azure MonitorDevOps, Management and Governance
Azure NetApp FilesStorage
Azure Open DatasetsAI + Machine Learning
Azure OrbitalNetworking
Azure PerceptAI + Machine Learning, Internet of Things
Azure PipelinesDeveloper Tools, DevOps
Azure PolicyManagement and Governance
Azure Private LinkNetworking
Azure PurviewAnalytics, Management and Governance
Azure QuantumCompute
Azure Red Hat OpenShiftContainers
Azure Remote RenderingMixed Reality
Azure ReposDevOps
Azure Resource ManagerManagement and Governance
Azure Resource Manager templatesManagement and Governance
Azure Resource MoverManagement and Governance
Azure Route ServerNetworking
Azure RTOSInternet of Things
Azure SentinelHybrid + Multicloud, Security
Azure Service HealthManagement and Governance
Azure SignalR ServiceWeb
Azure Site RecoveryManagement and Governance, Migration
Azure SphereInternet of Things
Azure Spring CloudCompute, Web
Azure SQLDatabases
Azure SQL DatabaseDatabases, Hybrid + Multicloud
Azure SQL EdgeDatabases, Hybrid + Multicloud, Internet of Things
Azure SQL Managed InstanceDatabases
Azure StackHybrid + Multicloud
Azure Stack EdgeHybrid + Multicloud
Azure Stack HCIHybrid + Multicloud
Azure Stack HubHybrid + Multicloud
Azure Stream AnalyticsAnalytics, Internet of Things
Azure Synapse AnalyticsAnalytics
Azure Test PlansDevOps
Azure Time Series InsightsInternet of Things
Azure Video AnalyzerAI + Machine Learning
Azure VMware SolutionCompute
Azure Web PubSubIntegration, Web
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for AzureWindows Virtual Desktop
Cloud ServicesCompute
Cloud ShellManagement and Governance
Computer VisionAI + Machine Learning
Container InstancesCompute, Containers
Container RegistryContainers
Content Delivery NetworkMedia, Networking, Web
Content ModeratorAI + Machine Learning
Content ProtectionMedia
Custom VisionAI + Machine Learning
Data CatalogAnalytics
Data Lake AnalyticsAnalytics
Data Science Virtual MachinesAI + Machine Learning
DevOps tool integrationsDevOps
Event GridIntegration, Internet of Things
Event HubsAnalytics
FaceAI + Machine Learning
Health BotAI + Machine Learning
Key VaultSecurity
Kinect DKAI + Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Mixed Reality
Language UnderstandingAI + Machine Learning
Linux Virtual MachinesCompute
Live and On-Demand StreamingMedia
Load BalancingNetworking
Media ServicesMedia
Microsoft Azure AttestationSecurity
Microsoft Azure Confidential LedgerBlockchain, Security, Storage
Microsoft Azure portalManagement and Governance
Microsoft GenomicsAI + Machine Learning
Microsoft Graph Data ConnectAnalytics
Mobile AppsCompute, Containers, Web
Network WatcherManagement and Governance, Networking
Notification HubsInternet of Things, Mobile, Web
Object AnchorsMixed Reality
PersonalizerAI + Machine Learning
Power BI EmbeddedAnalytics
Project BonsaiAI + Machine Learning
QnA MakerAI + Machine Learning
Queue StorageStorage
R Server for HDInsightAnalytics
SDKsDeveloper Tools
Security CenterHybrid + Multicloud, Security
Service BusIntegration
Service FabricCompute, Containers
Spatial AnchorsMixed Reality, Mobile
Speaker RecognitionAI + Machine Learning
Speech to TextAI + Machine Learning
Speech TranslationAI + Machine Learning
SQL Server on Virtual MachinesCompute, Databases
Static Web AppsCompute, Web
Storage AccountsStorage
Storage ExplorerStorage
Table StorageDatabases
Text AnalyticsAI + Machine Learning
Text to SpeechAI + Machine Learning
Traffic ManagerManagement and Governance, Networking
TranslatorAI + Machine Learning
Virtual Machine Scale SetsCompute
Virtual MachinesCompute
Virtual NetworkNetworking
Virtual WANNetworking
Visual StudioDeveloper Tools
Visual Studio App CenterMobile
Visual Studio CodeDeveloper Tools
VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft AzureWindows Virtual Desktop
VPN GatewayNetworking, Security
Web App for ContainersContainers, Web
Web Application FirewallNetworking, Security
Web AppsCompute, Containers, Web
Windows 10 IoT Core ServicesInternet of Things
Windows IoT EnterpriseInternet of Things
Windows Virtual DesktopCompute, Windows Virtual Desktop

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