About the tool

This is an implementation of the Migraine Treatment Optimization Questionnaire (mTOQ-4) used to assess the effectiveness of migraine treatment.


Fill out the questionnaire below to calculate the score. The report will appear in the box below the form once you have answered all questions.
1. After taking your migraine medication, are you pain-free within 2 hours for most attacks?
2. Does 1 dose of your migraine medication usually relieve your headache and keep it away for at least 24 hours?
3. Are you comfortable enough with your migraine medication to be able to plan your daily activities?
4. After taking your migraine medication, do you feel in control of your migraines enough so that you feel you can return to normal function?
Please answer all questions to calculate the score.
mTOQ-4 score
Treatment efficacy

About mTOQ-4

This is a 4-item questionnaire version of mTOQ (Migraine Treatment Optimization Questionnaire) described in a paper by Lipton et al. in 2009.

It is a self-administered questionnaire that helps identify areas where improvements could be made and lower the risk of progression to chronic migraine.

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