UCUM Converter

About the tool

This tool allows you to convert measurements between different UCUM units. You can enter a number and a unit (e.g., 120 mg/dL), select the desired target unit (e.g., mol/L), and see the converted value right away (0.0012 g/L).


The value to convert from.
The unit code to convert from.
The unit code to convert to.
The molecular weight of the substance (if applicable).

What is UCUM?

One of the challenges in data interoperability is the use of different units of measurement which makes it difficult to compare data from different sources and systems. UCUM (Unified Code for Units of Measure) is a standard that addresses this challenge by providing a common way to represent measurement units.

A common language for units of measure, UCUM captures the units in a machine-readable format. This is particularly important in healthcare where measurements and unit conversions are used to make critical decisions about patient care.


The machine-readable nature of UCUM units enables the automatic translation of measurements between different unit systems. I built this tool to demonstrate this important feature of UCUM as well as enable everyone to run quick, one-off unit conversions online.

How does it work?

The tool is built using the ucum-lhc JavaScript library which implements the UCUM validation and conversion services.

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