Awesome CQL

A collection of awesome links, tutorials, and resources on the Clinical Quality Language.

Clinical Quality Language (CQL) plays an important role in the standardization and exchange of clinical rules. As a common language and syntax for expressing clinical concepts and calculations, it facilitates interoperability across different healthcare systems.

Mastering Clinical Quality Language is essential for healthcare professionals, developers, and quality measure analysts involved in the standardization and exchange of clinical rules.

I have published this list of important links to resources, tutorials, and examples on CQL in order to help everyone deepen their understanding, proficiency in, and appreciation of this language.


CQL content and examples

CQL authoring tools


CQL-to-ELM translation

CQL execution engines

Packaged/Dockerized CQL execution services


FHIR servers with CQL support

Software examples and tutorials

Other libraries and software tools

Videos, webinars, and conference presentations

Related topics

Other lists

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