FHIR Measure Evaluator

About the tool

Use this tool to evaluate CQL-based clinical quality measures against test patient data. The tool outputs a FHIR MeasureReport resource with the calculated measure score.


The CQL code of the measure.
The FHIR resources (FSH instances) to be used for evaluating the measure.
Press Evaluate measure to see the result.

What are quality measurement and reporting?

Quality measurement and reporting are essential components of/prerequisites for healthcare quality improvement. They help in assessing the performance of healthcare providers and organizations, and in identifying areas for improvement.

What are dQMs and eCQMs?

When clinical quality measures are translated into executable logic and become digital quality measures (dQMs), they can be programmatically and reproducibly evaluated against patient data at scale. This is why dQMs play a very important role in healthcare quality reporting and improvement.

eCQMs (electronic clinical quality measures) are a type of dQMs that only use the data from EHRs for measure evaluation.

What is CQL?

CQL (Clinical Quality Language) is an HL7 standard for capturing computable clinical logic. As a domain-specific language, it is commonly used to author/express the logic for eCQMs.


I initially started playing with FHIR clinical reasoning (namely, the CQF Clinical Reasoning on FHIR for Java project) to learn how to do FHIR/CQL-based measure evaluation in code. Later on, I built this tool which wraps around the CQF library and exposes the measure evaluation functionality using a simple and interactive web UI.

I hope you find this tool useful, whether you want to quickly test your measure logic or need to troubleshoot measure evaluation issues. If you're only getting started with FHIR Measures, this tool can also help you understand how measures are evaluated and what the output of the evaluation looks like.

How does it work?

The tool accepts the following inputs:

  • the logic for the measure in CQL,

  • a set of patients and their associated data in FSH (FHIR Shorthand) format,

  • reporting period (measurement period) start and end dates.

Try out various patient sets and reporting periods to observe how the measure results change.

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