Blood Sugar Tracker

About the app

Existing patient portals often lack user-friendly visualizations and actionable insights for the patients' lab results. This makes it difficult for people with diabetes to monitor their blood sugar levels and manage their condition.

Blood Sugar Tracker is a patient-facing SMART on FHIR app that allows you to view your blood sugar levels over time.

When you launch the app, it fetches your blood glucose observations from your provider's EHR and renders a chart showing your recorded blood glucose levels over time.


Your provider's EHR system to fetch the data from.

After clicking "Launch Blood Sugar Tracker", log in to Cerner using the following credentials:

Username: wilmasmart
Password: Cerner01

You will see the "Warning: Unknown app" message. Click "Proceed Anyway" and on the next screen, click "Allow Access".

Made by Anton Vasetenkov.

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