SMART on FHIR Testing Tool

About the tool

SMART on FHIR apps securely interact with FHIR servers following the SMART on FHIR specification to access healthcare data and perform operations on the data. They provide various functionalities to improve patient care, enhance clinical workflows, facilitate data analysis, and so on.

When developing SMART on FHIR apps, it is important to test the app flows to ensure that the app functions correctly and handles different scenarios as expected. To help with this process, I've created the SMART on FHIR Testing Tool which allows you to simulate different app launch contexts and FHIR server content to test your app against various scenarios and configurations.

The FHIR server content needs to be specified using the FHIR Shorthand (FSH) language and can include, e.g., different patient records, medical conditions, or medication data. The launch context needs to be specified using JSON.


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