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CQL-to-ELM Converter
Mar 18, 2023

CQL-to-ELM Converter

Convert CQL to ELM online.

CQL-to-ELM Converter is an online tool for converting CQL to ELM. It is designed to be used by developers who are working with the Clinical Quality Language (CQL).

What is ELM?

The Expression Logical Model (ELM) is a machine representation of CQL that is used by CQL execution engines to evaluate CQL expressions. The CQL-to-ELM Converter is a tool that can be used to convert CQL to ELM and to test, debug, and validate CQL expressions.

How to use the CQL-to-ELM Converter?

To use the CQL-to-ELM Converter, you need to enter the CQL code in the CQL field and click the Generate ELM button. The CQL-to-ELM Converter will convert the CQL code to ELM and display the ELM JSON code in the ELM field.

Client-side CQL-to-ELM conversion (experimental)

By default, the CQL-to-ELM Converter uses the server-side CQL-to-ELM translator. However, you can also use the experimental client-side CQL-to-ELM translator which runs entirely in the browser but may take a few minutes to load. To enable the client-side CQL-to-ELM conversion, set the execution mode to Client-side in the Converter menu.

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