WASM ports

A list of software compiled to/ported to WebAssembly/JavaScript.

Full list

NameDescriptionLanguageWASM project linkDemo
CPythonPython interpreterC
SQLiteSQL databaseC
FFmpegVideo/audio converterC
xmllintXML validatorC
BulletPhysics engineC++
Cube 2: SauerbratenGameC++
Box2DPhysics engineC++
LLVMCompiler infrastructureC++
zlibCompression libraryC
OpenJPEGJPEG 2000 libraryC
lzipCompression toolC
OpenCVComputer vision libraryC++
PHPPHP interpreterC
jqJSON processorC,
VimText editorC
ImageMagickImage editorC,
CRubyRuby interpreterC
pngquantPNG compressorC
pdfTeXTeX engineWEB
libwebpWebP libraryC
PDFiumPDF rendererC++
GraphvizGraph visualizationC
OpenSSLCryptography libraryC
7-ZipCompression toolC++
7-ZipCompression toolC++
ExpatXML parserC
RR interpreterC, C++, Fortran
libgit2Git libraryC
Apache MXNetDeep learning frameworkC++
Argon2Password hashingC
HunspellSpell checkerC++
Windows CalculatorCalculatorC#N/A
PangoCairoText renderingC
AudacityAudio editorC++
PortAudioAudio libraryC
wxWidgetsGUI libraryC++
JupyterNotebooks viewerMultiple

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