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List of FHIR terminology servers

List of FHIR terminology servers

The list of FHIR-compliant servers for working with code systems, value sets, and concept maps.

Published on by Anton Vasetenkov
Topics: FHIR

FHIR terminology servers are FHIR servers that provide access to the FHIR terminology resources. These servers are used to work with code systems, value sets, and concept maps.

Here is a list of FHIR terminology servers:

ServerDescriptionFHIR endpointFHIR version
NHS Digital Terminology ServerIncludes a number of national and internationally assured terminologies and classifications such as SNOMED CT, ICD-10, and NHS Data Model and Dictionary codes.
HL7 New Zealand Terminology, Directory, and Conformance ServerSupported code systems include SNOMED CT, New Zealand Medicines Terminology (NZMT/NZULM), and LOINC. Focused on providing terminology services in New Zealand.
SNOMED CT terminology service (part of the New Zealand Health Terminology Service)Includes the SNOMED CT terminology.
Ontoserver, CSIROOfficial terminology service for Australia that supports many common standard vocabularies.
Grahame Grieve's reference serverGrahame Grieve's server that provides terminology services across the public FHIR community.
Snowstorm X FHIR ServerIncludes SNOMED CT.
LOINC Terminology ServiceContains LOINC version 2.74.
VSAC FHIR Terminology ServicesProvides FHIR terminology services for the value sets in VSAC and supported code systems. The service requires a UMLS account.
Genomics England FHIR Terminology ServerIncludes multiple code systems.
PHAST FHIR Terminology ServerIncludes multiple code systems.

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