CDS Hooks Testing Tool

About the tool

CDS Hooks is an HL7 published specification for clinical decision support. It allows for real-time clinical decision support by providing a standard way for EHRs to invoke CDS services based on events that occur during workflow. The CDS services may provide relevant guidance, alerts, and recommendations to healthcare professionals.

When developing CDS Hooks services, it is important to be able to test them against different scenarios and ensure that the services handle all input data variations correctly.

The CDS Hooks Testing Tool provides a controlled environment for testing CDS Hooks services given various data inputs. You can specify the mock FHIR content using the FHIR Shorthand (FSH) syntax (simulated patient data) and customize the context of the hook invocation.


The base URL of the CDS Hooks service.
The hook to invoke.
The mock FHIR resources in FSH.
Press the Trigger hook button to see the service response.

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