Magic FHIR servers

Instant FHIR servers for testing and exploration, prepopulated with the FSH instances that are inlined in the server URLs.

How it works

  • You enter some FHIR data as FSH instances.

  • The tool generates a URL that directly embeds the FHIR data with some additional metadata (serialized, compressed, URL-encoded).

  • The generated URL is a functional FHIR endpoint that can be used to query the data stored on the virtual FHIR server.

Use cases and implications

When you only need a quick FHIR server to do some testing or experiment with FHIR APIs, it's much easier to use these "magic" FHIR endpoints than to spin up a regular FHIR server.

Since the data and configuration are stored in the URL itself (similar to how data URIs encapsulate their content), every individual URL corresponds to an immutable (read-only) FHIR server that's been seeded with the data from the URL.

Try it now

The preloaded FHIR data.
The generated base URL of the FHIR server.

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