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FHIR Message Sender
Nov 1, 2022

FHIR Message Sender

An online client for FHIR messaging.

FHIR Message Sender is a web-based tool for sending FHIR messages to FHIR servers.

What is FHIR messaging?

In FHIR messaging, applications exchange messages triggered by events in the source systems. Technically, the messages are FHIR Bundles of type message carrying a collection of FHIR resources.

Here is an example of a FHIR message Bundle:

  "resourceType": "Bundle",
  "id": "388a86c8-2544-46d6-bcdb-289627ce5afb",
  "type": "message",
  "timestamp": "2022-11-01T09:21:11.764Z",
  "entry": [
      "fullUrl": "urn:uuid:f80930be-add3-4e35-89d5-7b0e3f08e868",
      "resource": {
        "resourceType": "MessageHeader",
        "id": "f80930be-add3-4e35-89d5-7b0e3f08e868",
        "event": {
          "code": "http://example.org/fhir/CodeSystem/MessageEventCodes|example",
          "system": "http://example.org/fhir/CodeSystem/MessageEventCodes"
      "fullUrl": "http://example.org/fhir/Patient/12345",
      "resource": {
        "resourceType": "Patient",
        "id": "12345",
        "name": [
            "use": "official",
            "family": "Doe",
            "given": [
        "gender": "male"

What is FHIR Message Sender?

FHIR Message Sender is an online client for FHIR messaging. It allows you to create and send FHIR messages to FHIR servers.

How to use FHIR Message Sender?

To send a FHIR message, you need to provide the FHIR server address and the message content.

The FHIR server must have a public HTTPS endpoint supporting the FHIR messaging profile. The server must have CORS enabled to allow communication with FHIR Message Sender.

You can use any FHIR server, including the public sandbox at https://hapi.fhir.org/baseR4.

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