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FHIR GraphQL Client
Nov 5, 2022

FHIR GraphQL Client

Query FHIR servers using GraphQL.

FHIR GraphQL Client is a web application that allows you to query FHIR servers using GraphQL.

FHIR and GraphQL

Using GraphQL on top of FHIR has the potential to allow for greater flexibility in querying a FHIR server. This could be particularly useful for applications that need to display multiple resources in a single view. For example, if an application needs to display a patient's demographics and their list of medications, it can do so with a single GraphQL query that returns the fields from the Patient and Medication resources.

What is FHIR GraphQL Client?

FHIR GraphQL Client is an online tool for querying FHIR servers using GraphQL queries. It executes the $graphql operation on the FHIR server with the query provided by the user.

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