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CDS Hooks Testing Tool
Mar 18, 2023

CDS Hooks Testing Tool

Test and debug CDS Hooks flows online.

The CDS Hooks Testing Tool is an online tool for testing and debugging CDS Hooks flows. It allows you to simulate CDS Hooks requests and FHIR server content and view service responses directly in the browser. It is designed to be used by developers and implementers of CDS Hooks.

What are CDS Hooks?

CDS Hooks is a standard for invoking clinical decision support (CDS) from within EHR solutions. It defines a hook-based pattern for executing CDS calls returning information and suggestions to the clinician using an EHR. The external service can be any type of service that provides clinical decision support.

The CDS Hooks standard additionally defines a set of hooks that can be invoked at specific points in the EHR workflow, e.g. patient-view and appointment-book as well as the structure of the request and response messages.

How to use the CDS Hooks Testing Tool?

The CDS Hooks Testing Tool allows the user to provide the content for the CDS Hooks request and mock FHIR server and view the CDS Hooks service response.

To use the CDS Hooks Testing Tool, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the base URL of the CDS Hooks service you want to test into the Base URL field.
  2. Press the Discover services button to discover the services available at the base URL.
  3. Select the service you want to test from the list of available services.
  4. Enter the content for the CDS Hooks request context into the Configure context window.
  5. Enter the content of the FHIR server into the FSH (instances) field.
  6. Press the Trigger hook button to send the CDS Hooks request to the selected service.
  7. View the CDS Hooks response in the Service response window.

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