IPA Map of the World

About the tool

This is an interactive globe that shows phonetic transcriptions of place names.



Place names often have unique pronunciations that sometimes don't follow typical English pronunciation patterns. It gets even more complicated when the names are spelled the same but have different pronunciations. We therefore need a map that shows the phonetic transcription of every place name to help everyone pronounce these names correctly and communicate more effectively.

This map is also useful if you're learning English or curious about the phonetics of place names and its nuances.

How does it work?

This tool tool uses the Mapbox GL JS library for rendering the globe/world map with the IPA transcriptions seamlessly integrated into the labels.

The pronunciations use the phonetic symbols from Wikipedia's IPAc-en template.

You can click on any label to view the dictionary entry for that place name.

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Made by Anton Vasetenkov.

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