English Pronunciation Dictionary API

This API allows you to query the English Pronunciation Dictionary programmatically via an API.

Dictionary API reference

The Dictionary API is organized around JSON-RPC. The API accepts JSON-encoded request bodies and returns JSON-encoded responses.

The API is available at https://www.antvaset.com/api.

There is no authentication. The API is free to use for any purpose.


Query the dictionary for a word or phrase. The query string is matched against the spelling of the entries.
The response contains an array of matching entries. Each entry contains the spelling and the IPA of the word or phrase. The response may contain multiple entries if the query string matches multiple entries.


Query string
query: string,
Language code
lang: string


Matching entries
entries: {
Text (spelling)
text: string,
IPA transcription, with tokens separated by vertial bars
ipa: string,
Variant, e.g. UK or US
variant?: string
Get statistics about the dictionary. The response contains the number of entries per language edition.


No parameters.


Language editions
editions: {
Language code
lang: string,
Number of entries
entryCount: number

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