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About the tool

This tool converts English words to phonetics using machine learning. You can type in any word (even a made-up one) and get its phonetic transcription in IPA.


Type or paste the word you want to convert to IPA.
Click Convert to IPA to see the result.

How does this work?

This Text to IPA tool is powered by a neural network (a type of machine learning model) that converts input words to phonetic transcriptions. The technical term for this task is grapheme-to-phoneme conversion (g2p).

The model is trained on the IPA Dictionary data which I've manually compiled.


Dictionaries have limitations in terms of vocabulary coverage. This Text to IPA tool can help in pronouncing words that might not be present in existing dictionaries. This is particularly useful in the context of names, technical terms, or newly coined words.

The API behind this tool can also be integrated into language learning platforms, educational websites, or mobile apps to enhance their functionality with phonetic features.

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