Sequence Logo Maker

About the tool

Use this tool to create pretty sequence logo diagrams for sequence alignments. It supports protein and nucleic acid sequences, and you can save the result as EPS, PDF, or SVG.

The diagrams are generated entirely in the browser so your data stays private and is not sent to the server.


Paste the alignment in the FASTA format.
Formatting options
You can save the result as EPS, PDF, or SVG.

What are sequence logos?

Sequence logos are a graphical representation of multiple sequence alignments, commonly used in bioinformatics to visualize and analyze conserved patterns within DNA, RNA, or protein sequences.


This project combines my passion for data visualization/vector graphics and wanting to support scientific discovery.

I hope that this Sequence Logo Maker can really make a difference by providing a modern, interactive, and user-friendly way for bioinformaticians to generate and analyze sequence logos. I personally find some of the existing and established tools to be quite cumbersome or outright annoying to use, so I've put an extra emphasis on making this one as simple and intuitive as possible.

How does it work?

There are multiple components that make up this tool:

All the processing is done in web workers to avoid blocking the main thread and to keep the UI responsive.

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Made by Anton Vasetenkov.

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