mCODE STU2 (v2.0.0)

Base StructureDefinition for Element Type: Base definition for all elements in a resource.
Element FHIR R4 (v4.0.1)
This is the base resource type for everything.
Resource FHIR R4 (v4.0.1)
A container for a collection of resources.
Bundle FHIR R4 (v4.0.1)
A resource that includes narrative, extensions, and contained resources.
DomainResource FHIR R4 (v4.0.1)
Record details about an anatomical structure. This resource may be used when a coded concept does not provide the necessary detail needed for the use case.
BodyStructure FHIR R4 (v4.0.1)
A clinical condition, problem, diagnosis, or other event, situation, issue, or clinical concept that has risen to a level of concern.
Condition FHIR R4 (v4.0.1)
The findings and interpretation of diagnostic tests performed on patients, groups of patients, devices, and locations, and/or specimens derived from these. The report includes clinical context such as requesting and provider information, and some mix of atomic results, images, textual and coded interpretations, and formatted representation of diagnostic reports.
DiagnosticReport FHIR R4 (v4.0.1)
Represents a defined collection of entities that may be discussed or acted upon collectively but which are not expected to act collectively, and are not formally or legally recognized; i.e. a collection of entities that isn't an Organization.
Group FHIR R4 (v4.0.1)
Describes the event of a patient consuming or otherwise being administered a medication. This may be as simple as swallowing a tablet or it may be a long running infusion. Related resources tie this event to the authorizing prescription, and the specific encounter between patient and health care practitioner.
MedicationAdministration FHIR R4 (v4.0.1)
An order or request for both supply of the medication and the instructions for administration of the medication to a patient. The resource is called "MedicationRequest" rather than "MedicationPrescription" or "MedicationOrder" to generalize the use across inpatient and outpatient settings, including care plans, etc., and to harmonize with workflow patterns.
MedicationRequest FHIR R4 (v4.0.1)
Measurements and simple assertions made about a patient, device or other subject.
Observation FHIR R4 (v4.0.1)
Demographics and other administrative information about an individual or animal receiving care or other health-related services.
Patient FHIR R4 (v4.0.1)
An action that is or was performed on or for a patient. This can be a physical intervention like an operation, or less invasive like long term services, counseling, or hypnotherapy.
Procedure FHIR R4 (v4.0.1)
A sample to be used for analysis.
Specimen FHIR R4 (v4.0.1)

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