Hi, I'm Anton

I make cool things with code.

This website is a repository of projects that I've created, with the topics ranging from healthcare and life sciences to linguistics and typography. I use it to share my experiments, tools, and ideas and to have fun with the new and old tech. Have fun browsin'.

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Experiment with the Arch Linux instance running in a browser context.
Arch Linux, WASM
Browse the SDTM model.
SDTM, TypeScript
Explore the HL7 Reference Information Model.
HL7 RIM, TypeScript
Browse the OMOP Common Data Model.
OMOP, TypeScript
Beautify DAX code.
DAX, Power BI
Calculate glomerular filtration rate using the CKD-EPI equation.
medical calculators
Turn your phone into a compass.
Web APIs
Open FASTA files in the browser.
bioinformatics, FASTA
Edit and run Asymptote scripts.
Asymptote, vector graphics
What are SMART on FHIR scopes and how do they work?
Calculate the Index of Severity for Eosinophilic Esophagitis (I-SEE).
medical calculators
Convert PDF files to SVGs.
PDF, SVG, WebAssembly
Edit PDB files online.
bioinformatics, PDB
Browse the FHIR resource model.
FHIR, data models
The wave function is an abstract mathematical concept and cannot be "measured" directly. So what is it then?
quantum mechanics
Libraries for parsing HL7v2 messages in JavaScript.
Generate snapshots for FHIR StructureDefinitions.
How the OED Text Annotator may help bring text mining and natural language processing technologies to the next level.
natural language processing
An online grammatical dictionary of the Ukrainian language.
Compare two FHIR resources online.
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