Hi, I'm Anton

I make cool things with code.

This website is a repository of projects that I've created, with the topics ranging from healthcare and life sciences to linguistics and typography. I use it to share my experiments, tools, and ideas and to have fun with the new and old tech. Have fun browsin'.

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The list of the Māori names of countries and territories.
A primer on support vector machines (SVMs) and their applications.
machine learning
Creating a simple Q# console application.
quantum computing
An online font viewer.
How to safely create directories using the native file system module in Node.js?
A web-based phonetic analyzer built on top of Praat.
Praat, WASM, phonetics
Test Whistle data transformation logic online.
Whistle, GCP
Awesome links, tutorials, and resources on the Clinical Quality Language.
CQL, awesome
Discover recently added IPA pronunciations on Wikipedia.
IPA, Wikipedia
A curated list of awesome resources on the FHIR Shorthand language.
FSH, awesome
Generate HL7v2 schemas from the HL7 abstract message syntax.
HL7v2, schema
An overview of the available RDF datasets and discovery tools for COVID-19.
linked data, RDF
An interactive periodic table of the elements in te reo Māori.
Convert fonts between different formats.
How to list all files recursively within a directory tree in Node.js?
Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript
Experiment with SQL in the browser.
Edit PDB files online.
bioinformatics, PDB, editors
Beautify XML documents.
XML, formatters
A WYSIWYG editor for math formulas.
math, TeX
Test CQL against FHIR resources.
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