Anton Vasetenkov

Hi, I'm Anton

I make cool things with code.

This website is a repository of projects that I've created, with the topics ranging from healthcare and life sciences to linguistics and typography. I use it to share my experiments, tools, and ideas and to have fun with the new and old tech. Have fun browsin'.

Projects and blogs 419
Health IT 86
FHIR resources and type framework 3
FHIR resource models - Introduction to FHIR resource models + demo of FHIR resource model browser.
FHIR resource graphs - Diving into FHIR resource graphs + demo of FHIR graph viewer.
FHIR Type Tree - Visualizing the hierarchy of FHIR data types and resources.
FHIR validation 2
FHIR Validator - What goes into checking if your FHIR resource conforms to the specification + demo of the FHIR Validator.
FHIR Validation Client - Execute the $validate operation against a FHIR endpoint.
Blood Sugar Tracker - A patient-facing SMART on FHIR that helps you monitor your blood sugar levels over time.
SMART on FHIR Testing Tool - Test SMART on FHIR app flows online.
Mastering SMART on FHIR scopes - What are SMART on FHIR scopes and how do they work?
FHIR Shorthand 3
FSH Compiler - Compile FHIR Shorthand code into FHIR JSON.
FSH Editor - Author and debug FSH documents online.
Awesome FSH - A curated list of awesome resources on the FHIR Shorthand language.
FHIRPath 3
FHIRPath Testing Tool - Evaluate FHIRPath expressions against FHIR resources.
FHIRPath Client - Submit FHIRPath to FHIR servers for evaluation.
FHIRPath Editor - An online editor for FHIRPath expressions.
FHIR Mapping Language 3
FHIR Mapping Language Compiler - Convert FHIR Mapping Language into StructureMap resources.
FHIR Mapping Language Testing Tool - Author and debug FHIR Mapping Language files.
Awesome FHIR Mapping Language - A curated list of awesome resources on the FHIR Mapping Language.
HFQL Playground - Experiment with HFQL queries online.
HFQL Client - Query FHIR servers using HFQL online.
FHIR Converter - A converter for FHIR resources between different formats.
FHIR Viewer - Connect to and browse FHIR servers.
FHIR Crossword - Test your knowledge of FHIR resources by solving a crossword puzzle.
FHIR Quiz - Test your knowledge of the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard.
SPARQL on FHIR - Query FHIR data using SPARQL.
FHIR Structure Definition Snapshot Generator - Generate snapshots for FHIR StructureDefinitions.
FHIR Export Tool - Bulk-export FHIR resources from FHIR servers.
FHIR Diff Tool (FHIR Diff Checker) - Compare two FHIR resources online.
FHIR GraphQL Client - Query FHIR stores using GraphQL.
FHIR Message Sender - Submit messages to FHIR servers.
List of national FHIR implementation guides - Implementation guides used by countries or specific regions.
What is FHIR and why is it important? - An overview of FHIR and its impact on patient care.
Awesome FHIR blogs - A curated list of awesome FHIR blogs.
FHIR icons - My set of vector icons for FHIR data elements.
Magic FHIR servers - Instant FHIR servers for testing and exploration, prepopulated with the FSH instances that are inlined in the server URLs.
CQL to ELM in JS - A pure JavaScript, client side only CQL to ELM converter.
CQL-to-ELM Converter - Convert CQL to ELM online.
CQL Testing Tool - Test CQL against FHIR resources.
CQL Editor - Edit CQL files online.
Awesome CQL - Awesome links, tutorials, and resources on the Clinical Quality Language.
dQMs 1
FHIR Measure Evaluator - Evaluate FHIR Measure resources online.
HL7v2 11
HL7v2 Parser - An online parser for HL7v2 messages.
HL7v2 Validator - Validate HL7v2 messages against the HL7 abstract message syntax.
HL7v2 Editor - An online editor for HL7v2 messages.
Awesome HL7v2 - A curated list of awesome resources on HL7 version 2.
HL7v2-to-FHIR Converter - Convert HL7 messages to FHIR online.
Parsing HL7v2 messages in JavaScript - Libraries for parsing HL7v2 messages in JavaScript.
HL7v2 Spec Viewer - A browser for the HL7v2 specification.
HL7v2 Schema Codegen - Generate HL7v2 schemas from the HL7 abstract message syntax.
Online resources for browsing the HL7v2 specification - Useful links to help you browse the HL7v2 specification.
Converting HL7v2 to FHIR - Translating HL7v2 messages to FHIR.
Where to find the standard HL7v2 message schemas - The list of sources of the structured and machine-readable HL7v2 specifications.
HL7v3 4
HL7 RIM Browser - Explore the HL7 Reference Information Model.
HL7 CDA Schema Explorer - Explore the HL7 Clinical Document Architecture schema.
HL7 CDA Validator - Validate CDA documents online.
Awesome CDA - A curated list of awesome resources on the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA).
Clinical terminologies 16
SNOMED CT RF2 to OWL - Convert SNOMED CT RF2 to OWL online.
SNOMED CT Browser - Browse the SNOMED CT ontology.
SNOMED CT Logical Model Browser - Explore the content model behind SNOMED CT.
Learning ECL with examples - An introduction to SNOMED CT's Expression Constraint Language (ECL) with examples.
Awesome SNOMED CT - A curated list of awesome resources on SNOMED CT.
ECL Editor - Write and execute ECL queries.
UCUM Converter - Convert measurements between different UCUM units.
UCUM Validator - Validate UCUM units.
List of FHIR terminology servers - The list of FHIR-compliant servers for working with code systems, value sets, and concept maps.
FHIR Terminology Service Client - Query FHIR terminology services online.
Awesome LOINC - A curated list of awesome resources on LOINC.
Awesome RxNorm - A curated list of awesome resources on RxNorm.
A network of drugs: The New Zealand Medicines Terminology - An overview of New Zealand's drug vocabulary.
WHO-FIC Content Model explained - How are WHO-FIC entities modeled?
Awesome ICD - A curated list of awesome resources on ICD.
Gender codes and representation in different clinical models - How is gender represented in different clinical models?
ECG data formats 2
parsescp in the browser - Compiling parsescp to WASM + demo of an in-browser SCP-ECG parser.
aECG Viewer - View the contents of aECG files.
Whistle 2
Whistle Testing Tool - Test Whistle data transformation logic online.
Whistle Transpiler - Transpile Whistle code to Protocol Buffers.
Patient identifiers 2
National patient identifiers by country - The list of national patient identification systems used in different countries.
NHI Number Validator - Validate NHI numbers used in New Zealand.
X12 2
X12 Parser - Inspect X12 message content online.
X12 Editor - An online editor for X12 messages.
Health IT memes - A collection of health IT memes.
CDS Hooks Testing Tool - Test CDS Hooks online.
ADL Editor - An online editor for openEHR Archetype Definition Language (ADL) files.
SDTM Explorer - Browse the SDTM model.
OMOP CDM Browser - Browse the OMOP Common Data Model.
PCORnet CDM Browser - Browse the PCORnet Common Data Model.
Government health agencies on GitHub - A list of government health agencies and organizations on GitHub.
Life sciences 44
Bioinformatics 22
WebLogo in the browser - Bringing WebLogo to the browser + demo of a pure client side sequence logo maker.
BLAST WASM - Compiling the BLAST sequence search/alignment tool to WASM.
DESeq2 in the browser - Running DESeq2 in the browser.
Genome Browser - Explore the human genome.
FASTQ to FASTA Converter - Convert FASTQ files to FASTA format.
Sequence Alignment Viewer - Open FASTA files in the browser.
Plasmid Map Generator - A tool to generate plasmid maps from GenBank files.
PDB Editor - Edit PDB files online.
WikiPathways: A Wikipedia for biological pathways - An overview of the collaboratively edited structured pathway encyclopedia.
The RDF model of the Gene Ontology, demystified - An outline of the structure of the Gene Ontology RDF graph and ways to query it.
The ambitious challenge of finishing the human genome - Generating a complete human genome sequence, chromosome by chromosome.
Scalable genomic alignment with Progressive Cactus - How progressive alignment makes it possible to efficiently align hundreds to thousands of large genomes.
What is FASTA and how is it used? - Learn about the FASTA format and its applications.
AstraZeneca's knowledge graph: Drug discovery is a lot about connections - The biomedical knowledge graph built by AstraZeneca helps the company find new drugs and drug targets.
FASTA Editor - A FASTA editor for creating and editing FASTA files.
PDB to FASTA - Extract protein/nucleotide sequences from PDB files.
Newick Editor - An online editor for phylogenetic trees in the Newick format.
GenBank to FASTA - Convert GenBank flat files to FASTA format.
ABI to FASTA - Convert AB1 files (Applied Biosystems/ABI trace files) to FASTA format.
Bioinformatics pronunciation guide - A pronunciation guide for bioinformatics terms.
Awesome bioinformatics - A curated list of awesome resources on bioinformatics.
FASTQ Editor - A FASTQ editor for creating and editing FASTQ files.
Cheminformatics 10
SMILES to Structure - Convert SMILES (simplified molecular-input line-entry system) to a structure online.
SMILES to IUPAC - Convert SMILES to IUPAC name online.
IUPAC to SMILES - Convert IUPAC names to SMILES strings.
IUPAC to Structure - Convert IUPAC names to 2D structures.
Canonical SMILES Generator - Convert a SMILES string to its canonical (kekulized) form.
Structural Formula Viewer - View structural formulas of chemical compounds.
RDKit WASM - Running RDKit in the browser with WebAssembly.
Working with ChemDraw JS - ChemDraw JS makes it possible to create, view, and edit chemical structures in the browser.
3D Mol Viewer - View molecular models in 3D.
Mol Editor - An online editor for Mol files.
Biochemistry 5
Amino Acids Quiz - Test your knowledge of amino acids.
Monosaccharides Quiz - Test your knowledge of monosaccharides and their structures.
Fatty Acids Quiz - Test your knowledge of fatty acids.
Biochemistry pronunciation guide - A pronunciation guide for biochemistry terms.
Awesome biochemistry - A curated list of awesome resources on biochemistry.
Molecular and cell biology 2
Molecular and cell biology pronunciation guide - A pronunciation guide for molecular and cell biology terms.
Awesome molecular and cell biology - A curated list of awesome resources on molecular and cell biology.
Pharmacology 1
Drugs and medications pronunciation guide - A pronunciation guide for drugs and medications.
General chemistry 3
Periodic Table - View the periodic table of the elements.
Molecule of the Day - Discover a new molecule every day.
Chemical elements pronunciation guide - A pronunciation guide for chemical elements.
Microbiology pronunciation guide - A pronunciation guide for microbiology terms.
Linguistics 54
Phonetics 25
English Pronunciation Dictionary (IPA Dictionary) - An online pronunciation dictionary of the English language with IPA transcriptions.
English Pronunciation Dictionary API (IPA Dictionary API) - Access IPA pronunciation data programmatically via an API.
IPA to Speech (IPA Reader) - An online tool for converting International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) phonetic transcriptions into speech audio using speech synthesis technology. Type /həˈloʊ/ and listen to the sound of IPA.
IPA Map of the World - View place name pronunciations on a map.
IPA Quiz - Test your knowledge of the symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet.
Text to IPA - Training a ML model that converts English text to phonetics + demo.
Phonetic Analyzer - A web-based phonetic analyzer built on top of Praat.
IPA Keyboard - An online IPA keyboard.
IPA Keyboard (Alt.) - Write phonetic transcriptions by picking the symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) chart.
IPA Chart - An online IPA chart.
IPA Chart with Audio - An interactive/clickable International Phonetic Alphabet chart with audio pronunciations.
Praat Script Editor - An online editor for Praat scripts.
Drug pronunciations - The list of FDA-approved drug brand names with pronunciations.
IPA in SSML - Using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to customize pronunciation in SSML.
X-SAMPA to IPA - Convert X-SAMPA to IPA online.
IPA fonts - Compare and test the fonts used to display/typeset IPA symbols.
IPA Periodic Table - An interactive periodic table of the elements with IPA transcriptions.
TIPA to Unicode - Convert TIPA to Unicode online.
Awesome phonetics - A curated list of awesome resources on phonetics.
Awesome IPA - Awesome links and resources on the International Phonetic Alphabet.
IPA Wallpaper Generator - Create high-quality wallpapers with IPA transcriptions.
IPA of the Day - A new IPA transcription every day for your enjoyment.
ARPAbet to IPA - Convert ARPAbet phonetic notation to International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).
List of phonetic symbols - An annotated list of phonetic symbols.
Phonetics and phonology pronunciation guide - A pronunciation guide for phonetics and phonology terms.
Te reo Māori 7
Countries in Māori - The list of the Māori names of countries and territories.
Māori-Language Map of the World - An interactive map of the world in te reo Māori.
Māori Keyboard - An on-screen/virtual Māori keyboard for typing Māori text.
Māori-Language Periodic Table - An interactive periodic table of the elements in te reo Māori.
Names of months in Māori - The list of the names of months in Māori.
Days of the week in Māori - The list of the names of days of the week in Māori.
Māori Word of the Day - Discover a new Māori word every day.
Arabic 5
Arabic Keyboard - An on-screen/virtual Arabic keyboard for typing Arabic text.
Arabic Alphabet Quiz - Test your knowledge of Arabic letters with this quiz.
Arabic Transliteration Keyboard - An on-screen/virtual keyboard for typing Arabic text using the Latin alphabet.
Arabic-Language Periodic Table - An interactive periodic table of the elements in Arabic.
Arabic Word of the Day - Discover a new Arabic word every day.
Russian 3
Морфемный словарь русского языка - Разбор слов по составу (морфемный анализ) с обозначениями морфем.
Словарь ударений русского языка - Постановка ударения в словах (акцентологический словарь).
Russian Pronunciation Dictionary - An online pronunciation dictionary of the Russian language with IPA transcriptions.
Belarusian 4
Марфемны слоўнік беларускай мовы - Разбор слоў па саставе (марфемны аналіз) з абазначэннямі марфем.
Слоўнік націскаў беларускай мовы - Пастаноўка націску ў словах (акцэнталагічны слоўнік).
Belarusian Pronunciation Dictionary - An online pronunciation dictionary of the Belarusian language with IPA transcriptions.
Belarusian-Language Periodic Table - An interactive periodic table of the elements in Belarusian.
Ukrainian 1
Морфемний словник української мови - Розбір слів за будовою (морфемний аналіз) із позначеннями морфем.
Alphabets - Browse alphabets, scripts, and writing systems.
Morpheme Marker - A tool for typesetting morpheme marks.
Tokenization Tool - An online tool for tokenizing text.
Hyphenation Tool - Hyphenate text online.
Towards more linked lexicographical data: Lexemes on Wikidata - A glimpse into the meaning and other properties of words described with structured and linked data.
Harnessing the power of the Oxford English Dictionary for linguistic research and NLP applications - How the OED Text Annotator may help bring text mining and natural language processing technologies to the next level.
Phoenician Alphabet Quiz - Test your knowledge of the Phoenician alphabet.
Greek-Language Periodic Table - An interactive periodic table of the elements in Greek.
Linear B Quiz - Test your knowledge of the Linear B script with this quiz.
Typography 14
TeX and friends 6
Metafont 2
Metafont Compiler - Execute Metafont code online.
GF Viewer - Open "generic font" (.gf) files online.
MetaPost Compiler - Execute MetaPost code online.
TeX to SVG - Convert TeX to SVG online.
LaTeX Compiler - Compile LaTeX source in the browser.
Asymptote Editor - Edit Asymptote scripts online.
Font Converter - Convert fonts between different formats.
Font Parser - An online tool for parsing font files.
Font Viewer - An online font viewer.
FreeType WASM - A WASM port of the FreeType library.
The nine best fonts of all time - The list of my top nine favorite fonts.
Converting fonts with FontForge using the command line on macOS - How to convert font files using FontForge's scripting language on macOS?
Timeless fonts I grew up with - A nostalgic journey into the fonts that shaped my perspective growing up and continue to be my source of inspiration.
COLRv1 to SVG - Convert COLRv1 fonts to SVG.
Data management 8
How a custom solution helps Facebook's engineers discover the data they need - The story of Nemo, Facebook's internal data discovery engine.
Navigating unstructured data: The rise of question answering - Question answering technologies are key to efficiently dealing with overwhelming amounts of unstructured data.
Data discovery at Uber: The continued success of Databook - How Uber's in-house platform powers discovery, exploration, and knowledge at scale.
What is data liquidity? - Defining the concept of data liquidity.
Linked data for the enterprise: Focus on Bayer's corporate asset register - An overview of COLID, the data asset management platform built using semantic technologies.
Document understanding: Modern techniques and real-world applications - How document understanding helps bring order to unstructured data.
One schema, one API: Inside the world of Data Commons - Data Commons brings thousands of public datasets together into one data graph to give data analysts and researchers a jump-start on analysing open data.
What does a knowledge engineer do? - An overview of knowledge engineering and the core competencies and responsibilities of a knowledge engineer.
Semantic Web 15
RDF graphs - Intro to RDF graph visualization + demo.
RDF* and the onset of Linked Data* and the Semantic Web* - The evolution of RDF and the related technologies fuelled by the need to make statements about statements.
OWL reasoning - Using OWL reasoning to infer new knowledge.
The building blocks of OWL - What makes up OWL ontologies and how do they support logical inference?
SPARQL Playground (RDF Playground) - Experiment with running SPARQL queries against RDF data.
SPARQL Client - Query SPARQL endpoints online.
Why federation is a game-changing feature of SPARQL - SPARQL federation is an incredibly useful feature for querying distributed RDF graphs.
Introduction to SPARQL - SPARQL is a query language for graph data. The graph model of thinking fits well a lot of use cases.
Wikidata's ontology - Inspecting the ontology of Wikidata.
SHACL Validator - Validate RDF data against SHACL shapes.
Semantic Web Browser - Look up entities on the Semantic Web.
Turtle Editor - Edit Turtle documents online.
Let's explore the Nobel Prize dataset - An overview of the official Nobel Prize Linked Data dataset with some example SPARQL queries.
Data exploration on linked COVID-19 datasets - An overview of the available RDF datasets and discovery tools for COVID-19.
Creating an Amazon Neptune database using AWS CDK v2 - Provisioning a graph database cluster in AWS using TypeScript.
Quantum computing 8
Bloch Sphere - Visualize qubits on a Bloch sphere.
Quantum Random Number Generator - Generate random numbers using quantum computing.
Quantum Gates Quiz - Test your knowledge of quantum logic gates.
The Hadamard gate - The definition of the Hadamard gate and some of its properties.
Dirac notation for quantum states - How to read the bra–ket notation?
Say "Hello, World!" with Q# - Creating a simple Q# console application.
On the nature of the wave function - The wave function is an abstract mathematical concept and cannot be "measured" directly. So what is it then?
Q# Editor - Edit Q# files online.
Games 2
Snake - Play Snake on your phone or computer.
Words Game - An online words game à la Wordle.
Math 3
Math Editor - A WYSIWYG editor for math formulas.
Implicit functions, differentials, and their geometric interpretation - How to interpret equations with differentials?
Platonic Solids - Explore Platonic solids in 3D.
Software dev 119
Web APIs 12
Camera - Turn your browser into a camera.
Local Font Browser - Explore locally installed fonts.
Screen Recorder - Make a recording of your computer screen.
Barcode Reader - Detect barcodes and QR codes.
Battery Manager - Monitor the battery status in the browser.
Compass - Turn your phone into a compass.
Sound Recorder - Record audio online.
Audio Decoder - An online tool for decoding audio files.
Text to Speech - Turn text into speech in your browser.
Simple Text Editor - Edit text files in the browser.
File Manager - A file manager for the web.
Eyedropper - Get the color of a pixel on the screen.
Diagrams 4
PlantUML Editor - Create PlantUML diagrams online.
Mermaid Editor - Edit and compile Mermaid diagrams.
Class Diagram Maker - Create class diagrams online.
Graphviz DOT Editor - Create and edit Graphviz graphs using DOT.
GraphQL 5
GraphQL Validator - Validate GraphQL queries against a GraphQL schema.
GraphQL Schema Validator - Check the validity of GraphQL schemas.
GraphQL validation - A short explanation of GraphQL schemas, queries, and validation.
GraphQL Client - A GraphQL client that can be used to interact with a GraphQL server.
GraphQL Formatter - Beautify GraphQL code.
Email 6
Email Parser - Parse, inspect, and debug emails online.
Receiving email with Node.js - How to receive email in Node.js?
MAIL FROM and RCPT TO vs. the To and From headers - The difference between the email envelope and message headers when it comes to senders and recipients.
The structure and rendering of multipart emails - How do multipart emails work?
cid URLs for email developers - What are cid URLs and how are they interpreted by email clients?
MJML Editor - A simple online editor for MJML (Mailjet Markup Language).
Markdown 2
Markdown Editor - Edit Markdown files in the browser.
How to embed a YouTube video into Markdown? - Ways to insert a YouTube player into a Markdown document.
WASM WAT Editor - A simple editor for the WebAssembly Text Format (WAT).
WASM ports - A list of software compiled to/ported to WebAssembly/JavaScript.
pdf2svg WASM - My WASM port of pdf2svg.
Node.js 2
Safely creating new directories using the Node.js File System API - How to safely create directories using the native file system module in Node.js?
Walking a directory in Node.js - How to list all files recursively within a directory tree in Node.js?
npm 2
npm exec: A new way to run commands from npm packages - npm v7 has introduced the new npm exec command which, like npx, can be used to run npm scripts "on the fly".
Loading npm dependencies from multiple registries - How to add npm dependencies from multiple package registries?
XML Editor - Edit XML files online.
XML Formatter - Beautify XML documents.
XML Schema Validator - Validate XML against XML Schema (XSD).
data URIs 3
Data URI Generator - Generate data URLs in the browser.
What are data URLs? - The ins and outs of data URLs.
Generating data URLs in JavaScript - How to generate data URLs in JavaScript?
Keyboards 4
XKB Keymap Editor - An online editor for XKB keymap files with a live preview.
Mac Keylayout Testing Tool - View, edit, and debug .keylayout files (XML keyboard layout definitions) for macOS.
ZMK Keymap Editor - An online editor for ZMK .keymap files.
KMN Editor - An online editor for Keyman keyboard source files (Keyman keyboard language files, .kmn files).
Cloud 5
Here's the full list of AWS services - Browse the full list of AWS services.
Amazon EC2 Mac instances: Provisioning macOS compute environments in the AWS cloud - Powered by Apple Mac minis, EC2 Mac instances allow developers to provision macOS-based environments in the cloud and benefit from the pay-as-you-go pricing model.
Azure 2
Microsoft Azure cloud services: The full list - The full list of Azure cloud services.
Bicep Editor - A simple online editor for the Bicep language.
Terraform 1
Terraform Editor - A simple online editor for Terraform files.
Databases 7
SQL Playground - Experiment with SQL in the browser.
SQL Formatter - Beautify SQL code.
Prisma 1
Prisma Schema Editor - A simple online editor for Prisma schema files.
Neo4j 2
Cypher 1
Cypher Editor - A simple online editor for the Cypher query language.
Running Neo4j in Docker with the Graph Data Science library - How to run the official Neo4j Docker image and enable the Graph Data Science library?
InterSystems 1
ObjectScript Editor - A simple online editor for the InterSystems ObjectScript code.
Database for Event Sourcing - A storage for event-sourced systems.
Blockchains 8
Solidity 3
Solidity Editor - An online editor for Solidity code.
Solidity Compiler - Compile Solidity code to EVM bytecode online.
Solidity Formatter - Beautify Solidity code.
Vyper 2
Vyper Editor - An online editor for Vyper code.
Vyper Compiler - Compile Vyper code to EVM bytecode online.
Yul 1
Yul Editor - An online editor for Yul code.
Fe 1
Fe Editor - An online editor for Fe code.
Noir 1
Noir Editor - A simple online editor for the Noir language.
3D graphics 4
WGSL Editor - An online editor for the WebGPU Shading Language (WGSL).
HLSL Editor - A simple online editor for HLSL (High-Level Shading Language).
Three.js SVGRenderer - A simple Three.js SVGRenderer example.
MAXScript Editor - A simple online editor for MAXScript, the scripting language of 3ds Max.
Programming languages 19
TypeScript 2
TypeScript Validator - Validate JSON against TypeScript types and interfaces.
Declaring custom JSX/HTML attributes in TypeScript - How to specify non-standard JSX/HTML attributes in TypeScript?
Python 2
Python Minifier - An online tool for minifying Python code.
Python Editor - A simple online editor for the Python programming language.
Erlang 2
Erlang/OTP WASM (Erlang in the browser) - Execute Erlang code in the browser.
Erlang Editor - A simple online editor for the Erlang programming language.
Swift 1
Swift Editor - A simple online editor for the Swift programming language.
Kotlin 1
Kotlin Editor - A simple online editor for the Kotlin programming language.
Rust 1
Rust Editor - A simple online editor for the Rust programming language.
COBOL Editor - Edit COBOL code online.
Fortran 1
Fortran Editor - Edit Fortran code online.
Lua 1
Lua Editor - Edit Lua scripts online.
Groovy 1
Groovy Editor - Edit Apache Groovy scripts online.
ABAP Editor - An online editor for ABAP code.
CodeQL 1
CodeQL Editor - An online editor for CodeQL files.
PowerShell 1
PowerShell Editor - A simple online editor for PowerShell scripts.
Zig 1
Zig Editor - A simple online editor for the Zig programming language.
Prolog 1
Prolog Editor - A simple online editor for the Prolog language.
Mojo 1
Mojo Editor - A simple online editor for the Mojo programming language.
Docker 2
The right way to install Docker on a Mac - Installing Docker Desktop for Mac using the Homebrew package manager.
Dockerfile Editor - A simple online editor for Dockerfiles.
Base64 Encoder and Decoder - Encode into and decode from Base64 online.
Diff Checker - Diff two files.
RDAP Client - Query RDAP data quickly and easily.
Punycode Converter - Punycode-encode and decode IDNs.
The list of schema registries - An overview of the technologies used to discover and manage event or message schemas.
Schematron Validator - Validate XML against Schematron schemas.
JSON Validator - Validate JSON against JSON Schema.
MediaWiki Lua Runner - Run Lua scripts on MediaWiki sites.
Internationalized top-level domains - The full list of top-level domains that use the internationalized domain name system.
PLIST to JSON Converter - Convert PLIST files to JSON.
TextMate Grammar Testing Tool - Test TextMate grammars.
Schemas are everywhere - An overview of common schema types and their usage.
DAX Formatter - Beautify DAX code.
JSGF Editor - Edit speech recognition grammars online.
DALL·E Client - Create images from text using OpenAI's DALL·E.
LookML Editor - Edit LookML code online.
YAML to JSON - Convert YAML to JSON online.
CSON to JSON - Convert CSON to JSON online.
Thrift IDL Editor - An online editor for Apache Thrift IDL (Interface Definition Language) files.
QML Editor - A simple editor for QML (Qt Modeling Language) files.
Apache Conf Editor - A simple online editor for Apache configuration files (.conf, .htaccess, .htgroups, .htpasswd files).
VHDL Editor - A simple online editor for VHDL (VHSIC Hardware Description Language).
ANTLR Grammar Editor - A simple online editor for ANTLR grammars.
gnuplot Editor - A simple online editor for gnuplot scripts.
SAS Editor - A simple online editor for the SAS statistical analysis language.
DRL Editor - A simple online editor for the Drools Rule Language (DRL).
CMake Editor - A simple online editor for CMake scripts.
Makefile Editor - A simple online editor for makefiles.
Machine learning 6
Face Detector - A demo of a face detection service.
SVMs in practice - A primer on support vector machines (SVMs) and their applications.
TensorFlow.js and linear regression - Building and training simple linear regression models in JavaScript using TensorFlow.js.
seq2seq Trainer - Train sequence-to-sequence models online.
A beginner's guide to graph embeddings - Understanding what graph embeddings are and why they are important for graph analytics.
A technical introduction to OpenAI's GPT-3 language model - An overview of the groundbreaking GPT-3 language model created by OpenAI.
Emoji 9
Emoji Camera - Apply an emoji filter to your video.
Emoji Browser - Browse and search emoji by name.
Emoji API - An API for emoji.
Where to find the list of all emojis? - Finding the most comprehensive list of emoji characters.
Emoji SVG sources - SVG sources of Google and Twitter emojis.
Emoji flags - A list of all country flags as emoji.
Emoji fonts - Compare and test different emoji fonts.
Emoji on GitHub - The full list of emoji shortcodes that can be used on GitHub.
Emoji of the Day - New emoji every day to brighten your day.
Geek 6
Pixel Art Editor - Edit pixel art online.
ASCII Camera - Apply the image-to-ASCII filter to your video.
ASCII Art and Easter Egg Archive - Browse ASCII art and Easter eggs.
Awesome ASCII - A collection of awesome ASCII art and resources.
Google ÜberProxy's Easter egg - Fun Easter egg on Google's Access Proxy page.
Retro/Windows aesthetics on the web - A collection of websites with a retro/Windows-style UI.
Medical calculators 10
ASCVD Risk Estimator - Calculate the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
Creatinine Clearance Calculator - Calculate creatinine clearance using the Cockcroft–Gault equation.
GFR Calculator - Calculate glomerular filtration rate using the CKD-EPI equation.
Opioid Dose Calculator - Calculate morphine milligram equivalents (MME) online.
mTOQ-4 - Complete the Migraine Treatment Optimization Questionnaire (mTOQ-4) to assess the effectiveness of migraine treatment.
BMI Calculator - Calculate the body mass index (BMI) online.
Mean Arterial Pressure Calculator - Calculate the mean arterial pressure (MAP) from systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
IMPEDE VTE Score Calculator - Calculate the risk prediction score for venous thromboembolism (VTE) in multiple myeloma.
I-SEE Calculator - Calculate the Index of Severity for Eosinophilic Esophagitis (I-SEE).
CHA₂DS₂-VASc Score Calculator - Calculate the CHA₂DS₂-VASc score for stroke risk.
Random 35
Egyptology 10
MdC Editor - An online editor for the Manuel de Codage transliteration system.
MdC to Unicode - Convert Manuel de Codage to Unicode online and preview the result.
List of Egyptian hieroglyphs - The full set of Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Color hieroglyphs - The chromatic versions of Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Hieroglyphs Quiz - Test your knowledge of Egyptian hieroglyphs with this quiz.
Hieroglyphic fonts - A list of hieroglyphic fonts for use in Egyptology and related fields.
Aegyptus's Easter eggs - Fun hieroglyphic Easter eggs in the Aegyptus font.
LUT Keyboard (Leiden Unified Transliteration/Transcription Keyboard) - Type hieroglyphic texts in LUT (Leiden Unified Transliteration/Transcription) online.
LUT Quiz (Leiden Unified Transliteration/Transcription Quiz) - Test your knowledge of the Leiden Unified Transliteration/Transcription.
Hieroglyph of the Day - Discover a new Egyptian hieroglyph every day.
Geography 5
List of country flags - A list of country flags with SVG images and aspect ratios (proportions).
Flags Quiz - Test your knowledge of flags from around the world.
Capital Cities Quiz - Test your knowledge of the world's capital cities with this quiz.
Flag of the Day - Flags from around the world.
Demonyms pronunciation guide - A pronunciation guide for demonyms.
LDraw Viewer - A simple LDraw file viewer.
LDraw Editor - Edit LDraw text files online.
Awesome personal websites - A list of cool personal websites and bio pages that I've found on the web.
An introduction to New Zealand's payments system - The systems, processes, and institutions that make up New Zealand's payments system.
NPV Calculator - Calculate net present value (NPV) of a series of cash flows.
Awesome website designs - A list of websites with cool designs that I've found on the web.
Clock - An online analog clock.
Calendar - A simple online calendar.
Bilirubin Chart - A bilirubin chart for newborns.
PDF to SVG Converter - Convert PDF files to SVGs.
Weather - A web-based weather app.
EPS to PDF Converter - Convert EPS files to PDFs.
VIN Decoder - A tool for decoding Vehicle Identification Numbers.
ZPL Editor - Edit ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) documents online.
Znamenny Quiz - Test your knowledge of Znamenny signs.
Babylonian Cuneiform Numerals Converter - Convert numbers to Babylonian cuneiform numerals.
Elymaic Alphabet Quiz - Test your knowledge of the Elymaic alphabet (Elymaic script).
Gear Ratio Calculator - A tool for calculating gear ratios.
Philosophy pronunciation guide - A pronunciation guide for philosophy terms and names.
WebVTT Editor - A simple online editor for WebVTT (Web Video Text Tracks) files.

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