Hi, I'm Anton

I make cool things with code.

This website is a repository of projects that I've created, with the topics ranging from healthcare and life sciences to linguistics and typography. I use it to share my experiments, tools, and ideas and to have fun with the new and old tech. Have fun browsin'.

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Learn about the FASTA format and its applications.
FASTA, bioinformatics
An overview of knowledge engineering and the core competencies and responsibilities of a knowledge engineer.
knowledge engineering
An interactive periodic table of the elements in te reo Māori.
How Uber's in-house platform powers discovery, exploration, and knowledge at scale.
data management
A WASM port of Asymptote.
Asymptote, WASM, vector graphics
Hyphenate text online.
Explore the human genome.
bioinformatics, genomics
Connect to and browse FHIR servers.
How to receive email in Node.js?
email, Node.js, JavaScript
A curated list of awesome resources on the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA).
CDA, awesome
Calculate the CHA₂DS₂-VASc score for stroke risk.
medical calculators
Browse the SNOMED CT ontology.
View the contents of SCP-ECG files.
A WASM port of the FreeType library.
FreeType, WASM, fonts
A curated list of awesome resources on the FHIR Mapping Language.
FHIR Mapping Language, awesome
View structural formulas of chemical compounds.
chemistry, structural formulas
Validate NHI numbers used in New Zealand.
NHI, New Zealand
An introduction to SNOMED CT's Expression Constraint Language (ECL) with examples.
Complete the Migraine Treatment Optimization Questionnaire (mTOQ-4) to assess the effectiveness of migraine treatment.
medical calculators
How is gender represented in different clinical models?
healthcare standards, data models
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